April 2009

Signs of Cats Worms

Signs of Worms in your Cat Like most mammals, your cat’s intestinal tract is host to many different kinds of tiny biological critters. Most are harmless but the ones that instinctively give people the shudders are worms. These parasitic pests can enter your cat’s body in numerous ways; some kittens are even born carrying worms! […]

Treating Cats Colds and Flu

Treating Upper Respiratory Infections: Cat Flu, Colds And Feline Asthma Yes, Your Cat Can Get the Flu… Some cats like some people can be prone to upper respiratory problems. Signs of that your cat may have a “cold” or “flu” are: Sneezing Sniffling Runny nose and eyes Coughing Fever An upper respiratory infection can last […]

Treating Cat’s Hairballs

Kitty Got a Bad Hairball Day? If you live with a cat sooner or later you will hear the charming sound of retching late at night somewhere in the house. You will quickly learn the value of wearing slippers as you stagger around those cigar-shaped masses early in the morning. Yes, kitty has hairballs. Yep, […]