January 2011

My Cat Keeps Sneezing – Is This a Symptom of FIV?

By Jackie Union “My cat keeps sneezing. How serious is it?” At first you thought it was no big deal. But you know that chronic sneezing might be a sign of  a serious more condition, just as in humans. You hate seeing your pet suffer, and hate cleaning up all the mucous and snot! But […]

Removing Cat Urine Smell From Your Home

By Bernadette Guadiz Removing cat urine smell can be a nightmare especially when your cat doesn’t use the litter box to do its business. It’s really embarrassing to have your home smelling like ammonia especially when you have some important guests coming over. Some people opted to get rid of their cats because they couldn’t […]

Cat Care – The Real Facts About Neutering

Cat Care – Facts About Neutering By Lyn Nunn Responsible pet owners owe it to their cats to either have them spayed (female cats) or castrated (male cats). Neutering is also referred to as having your cat ‘fixed’, ‘altered’ or ‘de-sexed’. Unless you are a registered and experienced breeder, neutering is highly recommended. Advantages of […]