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Treating Cats Fleas

Fleas Aren’t In The Circus Anymore! What animal can leap longer than 100 times its own length? Or can lift a weight a 100 times heavier than its own body weight? Yes, you guessed it, the common cat flea. Cat fleas are one the most annoying and resistant pests that pet owners normally encounter. Next […]

How to Wash a Cat – Quick, Fast & Safely

How to Care for Ear Mites in Cats

Treating Cat Ear Mites By guest poster Dave Gurke Knowing exactly how to go about treating cat mites is vital for the health of your cat. The mites themselves are a big problem on their own, but the real danger is of the cat scratching itself in an attempt to relieve the itching. This can […]

Cat Care – Removing Ear Wax From Cats

Removing Ear Wax From Cats Cats that are healthy will normally have clean ears. Their ears will be pink colored inside and odor free. But a cat will troublesome ear problems might have wax buildup (a brownish to black-tar looking substance) inside the canal and on the inner flap. They might also have lost hair […]

Is My Cat Healthy?

Signs of a Healthy Cat A healthy cat is a very alert and active critter. They are the proverbial “bright-eyed and bushy tailed” with their tails standing straight up when happy and glad to see you. Cats are naturally playful, curious and watchful. They wake in the mornings ready to go and want you to […]

How to Give a Pill to a Cat

Treating Cats Worms

The 3 Common Worms in Cats When cat owners get together, they exchange stories about how quirky or cute their pets are, laugh over the “biggest hairball I ever saw” joke but they almost never discuss deworming their pets! Yet, worms are a very common ailment, even in well cared for animals. The three most […]

Feline Asthma or Cat Hairballs?

Feline Asthma or Is it just hairballs? I noticed one winter that my old cat Eek! (also known as Tubby or that “damn Polar Bear”) was suffering more from hairballs than usual. I tried all the remedies that had worked in the past, but hs was still coughing and hacking and it was getting worst… Until I […]

cat ailments and symptoms

How to Do a Health Check on a Cat

Cat Health Check One of the biggest problems with caring for a cat is that they can be very stoic and will suffer a great deal of pain and discomfort BEFORE they let their human friends know anything serious is wrong. Which is why cats can appear to become very sick “suddenly” without you noticing […]

Cat Flu Remedies – Flu Treatments For Cats

Cat Flu Remedies For The Home By Guest Poster – Tricia Deed The cat flu arrives each and every year. home remedies are a great way to help your cats survive a flu infection. Do you know what needs to be done if your feline catches the flu? Do you have some handy cat flu […]

My Cat Keeps Sneezing – Is This a Symptom of FIV?

By Jackie Union “My cat keeps sneezing. How serious is it?” At first you thought it was no big deal. But you know that chronic sneezing might be a sign of  a serious more condition, just as in humans. You hate seeing your pet suffer, and hate cleaning up all the mucous and snot! But […]

Removing Cat Urine Smell From Your Home

By Bernadette Guadiz Removing cat urine smell can be a nightmare especially when your cat doesn’t use the litter box to do its business. It’s really embarrassing to have your home smelling like ammonia especially when you have some important guests coming over. Some people opted to get rid of their cats because they couldn’t […]

Cat Care – The Real Facts About Neutering

Cat Care – Facts About Neutering By Lyn Nunn Responsible pet owners owe it to their cats to either have them spayed (female cats) or castrated (male cats). Neutering is also referred to as having your cat ‘fixed’, ‘altered’ or ‘de-sexed’. Unless you are a registered and experienced breeder, neutering is highly recommended. Advantages of […]

Cat Scratching – Natural Home Remedies For Cats

Kittens and cats are so cuddly and lovable. In our hands they feel soft and warm. We love stroking our felines and hearing them purr ever so gently. It is a bonding and loving moment between pet and human being sharing a tender moment. Oh, no! Why is my cat scratching? Does my cat have […]

Taking Care of a Pregnant Cat

By Kathy Robinson There are some special considerations you need to be aware of when taking care of a pregnant cat. Most importantly, she needs to be kept in the best health as possible to ensure the delivery of healthy kittens. If you are breeding, there are some steps to take before mating. However, the […]

Natural Cat Food – Things You Should Know

By Madeleine Innocent All natural cat food, in essence, can only refer to the diet cats evolved on. This concept is essential to grasp, because it is the only way to ensure your cat remains healthy. Nothing that is man-made comes even close to the bounties of nature, despite exaggerated claims and pretty pictures. If […]

Cat Parasites – Who Else Wants to Know About Pot Bellied Cats?

Cat Parasites – Who Else Wants to Know About Pot Bellied Cats? By Kate Rieger The vet confirmed your newly adopted kitten wasn’t pregnant, but she was was loaded with cat parasites. Here’s how to help free her of this cat worm mess. Its been a few days since you first saw the abandoned calico […]

Cat Grooming – Gathering the Tools Required For Grooming Your Cat

Gathering the Tools Required For Grooming Your Cat By Damian Cross Felines are really amazing animals. Their history and background is as rich and complex as the history of dogs. In some nation’s cultures cats are presented in their writings as loveable and friendly creatures, while other depict them as deeply related to evil. One […]

Pink Eye Cats – 7 Signs Your Cat Has Pink Eye

By Richard Glenn Feline Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the eye. It’s more commonly known as “Cat Pink Eye” and is probably the most common eye problem cats have. Actually to provide a more precise definition, conjunctivitis is an inflamed conjunctiva, which is the thin, delicate membrane that covers the eyeball and lines the eyelid. […]

Cat Asthma – Diagnosing and Treating Cat Asthma

Diagnosing and Treating Cat Asthma By Matt LeClair When you think about Asthma you probably think about it as being a disorder found only in humans, but you probably didn’t realize that it could be present in your cat. There are many symptoms common to those who suffer from asthma and if your cat is […]

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