Cat Grooming – Gathering the Tools Required For Grooming Your Cat

Gathering the Tools Required For Grooming Your Cat
By Damian Cross

Felines are really amazing animals. Their history and background is as rich and complex as the history of dogs. In some nation’s cultures cats are presented in their writings as loveable and friendly creatures, while other depict them as deeply related to evil. One side of the cat’s personality aims to seek you out for praise and caress, as if he couldn’t live without you. Another side of cats can go for weeks on end, without as much as a glance to its pet owner.

Cat Care Secrets Revealed

One of the most notable aspects of cats in general is their attention to cleanliness. Felines practically put themselves in auto pilot when it comes to house training, give them a brief tour of the installations and they will take it from there. Furthermore, if you commit to doing your part by keeping their litter box clean, they will reciprocate by using it, instead of your living room floor. Cats in general are able to spend countless hours in personal grooming. Their favorite tool for the job is their tongue, which they use to remove dirt, excess hair and comb themselves. The process can be quite a show for by standers.

Most pet owners with cats in their home grow so accustomed to cats taking care of themselves that completely forget that they need to complement their efforts with a few chores as well. Some of the responsibility falls on the pet owner, such as clipping the claws on your cat, removing obnoxious knots from the cats hair, and looking after the feline’s teeth for tartar and caries. In order to accomplish these chores, pet owners will need to assemble a special tool box for your cat grooming needs.

An item that should be first in the list should be the traditional brush. This particular brush should be strong enough to remove straws, dirt, falling hair and other debris off your cats coat, while being gentle enough that it does not hurt his delicate skin. If your cat has a tendency to acquire knots in his hair, you might have to invest in a pet groomer, or be prepare to engage your cat with water in order to prevent the knots from forming.

In the event that you have decided to keep the claws on your cat, these will need to be clipped. Wild cats require their nails to defend themselves and to capture prey, they keep their length in line by sharpening them against hard surfaces, such as rocks. However, the use of claws for your regular house cat is limited to scratching furniture and an occasional attack at the hand that feeds him. Is the pet owner’s responsibility to keep the claws in line. This is not only important for your own safety, but for others as well. For this job you will require a cat nail clipper. You are best advised to ask your veterinarian for the best size clipper for your cat. Furthermore, it would be best if you watch him do it the first time.

Dental hygiene is also of crucial importance in the health of your pet, and by no means should be considered just pet games to look into your cat’s mouth. The tools required for this job could be limited to a small mirror and a tooth brush. A simple inspection with the mirror and removing debris with the toothbrush is enough as far as maintenance. Further examination and attention should be provided by your cat’s veterinarian.

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