Cat Scratching – Natural Home Remedies For Cats

Kittens and cats are so cuddly and lovable. In our hands they feel soft and warm. We love stroking our felines and hearing them purr ever so gently. It is a bonding and loving moment between pet and human being sharing a tender moment.

Oh, no! Why is my cat scratching? Does my cat have skin problems or allergies? My poor baby is miserable. If you are a first time cat owner, do not panic; calm down, relax, and observe.

Cat Care Secrets Revealed

The beautiful fur coat of your kitten or cat should be soft, clean and slightly lustrous. If the coat has been dry, dull or oily, help your feline with additional grooming. The skin being dry may have your pet itching and scratching.

Cats are excellent with their personal grooming hygiene. Perhaps, your cat has not been feeling well. Or is she possibly being lazy about her grooming.

How you can stop the scratching can be as easy as brushing her fur. Remove any long, loose, hairs and untangle any matted hair. As you brush your cat, search for any abnormalities present in the skin or caught in her fur.

If you discover dry skin, add humidity to her environment. The climate control in your home or the outside environment may be drying the skin of your cat.

Cats scratching? Here are some questions to help detect what may be causing this behavior:

  1. Is the appetite good or bad?
  2. Is your cat drinking water?
  3. Is elimination appropriate?
  4. Are the urine and stools appearing normal?
  5. Is the mouth and butt healthy in appearance?
  6. Is your feline under stress or anxiety?
  7. Do you see evidence of fleas or mites?
  8. Do you see raw, red, irritated or bald areas of skin?
  9. Is there a skin infection?
  10. Does the skin appear dry or oily?
  11. Do you see any scratches or abscessed areas on the skin?
  12. Has your cat been coughing, sneezing, or having eye or nose discharges?
  13. Do the eyes appear normal?
  14. Does your cat have a fever?

If after reviewing this list and having brushed your cat, then decide if your pet has an emergency that needs attending by either a cat vet or will a natural home remedy solve the problem.

Natural Home Remedies for Cats

Cat owners are turning to natural remedies for their kittens and cats as an alternative because it is more affordable. Many of us feel that vet costs are either too expensive or not affordable for our household budget.

Many of us have natural products available in our homes and this would save us an unnecessary or an inconvenient trip to the local store or to the vet, especially if a natural product will take care of the condition.

Most of the natural products have no man made chemicals for ingredients, and you are less worried about possible side effects from medicines.

Without naming a particular human medicines that is advertised on television, do you ever listen to the side effects that they recite at the end of the commercial? The side effects seem worse than the disease.

As cat owners we are scared of side effects from ingredients made from chemicals and synthetics. And I believe that this is why many pet owners have turned to natural remedies for both their cats and dogs for healing minor health issues.

Are you looking for natural products which have been time tested for centuries and are proven to correct minor problems that our cats are experiencing?

These traditional natural pet remedies are much more effective for treating most common ailments than the commercial chemical and synthetic treatment methods.

They certainly contain less risk for any harmful side effects. If you are like me and very concerned about health remedies we use on our cats check out for traditional and time tested natural remedies for cats.

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