Cat Care Tips

How to Wash a Cat – Quick, Fast & Safely

Cat Care – Removing Ear Wax From Cats

Removing Ear Wax From Cats Cats that are healthy will normally have clean ears. Their ears will be pink colored inside and odor free. But a cat will troublesome ear problems might have wax buildup (a brownish to black-tar looking substance) inside the canal and on the inner flap. They might also have lost hair […]

Is My Cat Healthy?

Signs of a Healthy Cat A healthy cat is a very alert and active critter. They are the proverbial “bright-eyed and bushy tailed” with their tails standing straight up when happy and glad to see you. Cats are naturally playful, curious and watchful. They wake in the mornings ready to go and want you to […]

cat ailments and symptoms

How to Do a Health Check on a Cat

Cat Health Check One of the biggest problems with caring for a cat is that they can be very stoic and will suffer a great deal of pain and discomfort BEFORE they let their human friends know anything serious is wrong. Which is why cats can appear to become very sick “suddenly” without you noticing […]

Cat Flu Remedies – Flu Treatments For Cats

Cat Flu Remedies For The Home By Guest Poster – Tricia Deed The cat flu arrives each and every year. home remedies are a great way to help your cats survive a flu infection. Do you know what needs to be done if your feline catches the flu? Do you have some handy cat flu […]

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