Cat Grooming

How to Wash a Cat – Quick, Fast & Safely

How to Care for Ear Mites in Cats

Treating Cat Ear Mites By guest poster Dave Gurke Knowing exactly how to go about treating cat mites is vital for the health of your cat. The mites themselves are a big problem on their own, but the real danger is of the cat scratching itself in an attempt to relieve the itching. This can […]

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Cat Scratching – Natural Home Remedies For Cats

Kittens and cats are so cuddly and lovable. In our hands they feel soft and warm. We love stroking our felines and hearing them purr ever so gently. It is a bonding and loving moment between pet and human being sharing a tender moment. Oh, no! Why is my cat scratching? Does my cat have […]

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Cat Grooming – Gathering the Tools Required For Grooming Your Cat

Gathering the Tools Required For Grooming Your Cat By Damian Cross Felines are really amazing animals. Their history and background is as rich and complex as the history of dogs. In some nation’s cultures cats are presented in their writings as loveable and friendly creatures, while other depict them as deeply related to evil. One […]

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