Feline Asthma

Feline Asthma or Cat Hairballs?

Feline Asthma or Is it just hairballs? I noticed one winter that my old cat Eek! (also known as Tubby or that “damn Polar Bear”) was suffering more from hairballs than usual. I tried all the remedies that had worked in the past, but hs was still coughing and hacking and it was getting worst… Until I […]

Cat Asthma – Diagnosing and Treating Cat Asthma

Diagnosing and Treating Cat Asthma By Matt LeClair When you think about Asthma you probably think about it as being a disorder found only in humans, but you probably didn’t realize that it could be present in your cat. There are many symptoms common to those who suffer from asthma and if your cat is […]

Treating Cats Colds and Flu

Treating Upper Respiratory Infections: Cat Flu, Colds And Feline Asthma Yes, Your Cat Can Get the Flu… Some cats like some people can be prone to upper respiratory problems. Signs of that your cat may have a “cold” or “flu” are: Sneezing Sniffling Runny nose and eyes Coughing Fever An upper respiratory infection can last […]

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