Cat Hairballs, Furballs

Feline Asthma or Cat Hairballs?

Feline Asthma or Is it just hairballs? I noticed one winter that my old cat Eek! (also known as Tubby or that “damn Polar Bear”) was suffering more from hairballs than usual. I tried all the remedies that had worked in the past, but hs was still coughing and hacking and it was getting worst… Until I […]

Cat Scratching – Natural Home Remedies For Cats

Kittens and cats are so cuddly and lovable. In our hands they feel soft and warm. We love stroking our felines and hearing them purr ever so gently. It is a bonding and loving moment between pet and human being sharing a tender moment. Oh, no! Why is my cat scratching? Does my cat have […]

Treating Cat’s Hairballs

Kitty Got a Bad Hairball Day? If you live with a cat sooner or later you will hear the charming sound of retching late at night somewhere in the house. You will quickly learn the value of wearing slippers as you stagger around those cigar-shaped masses early in the morning. Yes, kitty has hairballs. Yep, […]

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