My Cat Keeps Sneezing – Is This a Symptom of FIV?

By Jackie Union

“My cat keeps sneezing. How serious is it?” At first you thought it was no big deal. But you know that chronic sneezing might be a sign of  a serious more condition, just as in humans.

You hate seeing your pet suffer, and hate cleaning up all the mucous and snot! But what you really want to know is, “Is my cat’s chronic sneezing a sign of Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)?”

Usually, when you are thinking, “my cat keeps sneezing”, some local environmental effect is the culprit. He stuck his nose somewhere that got some dust, dander or other irritant lodged in his nostrils.

He may just sneeze out the irritant. But sometimes this can cause his sinus tissues to become damaged. These tender tissues are raw and very susceptible to disease and bacteria.

They can lead to more serious afflictions, like FIV, which can be deadly if not treated promptly.

Let’s look at some common symptoms of FIV.

Chronic sneezing and nasal discharge
Fever and fatigue
Red and wet eyes
Chronic diarrhea
Skin and hair loss
Excessive urination and thirst

As you can see, FIV is a disease that can manifest itself in many forms. This is because once the immune system is weak, any number of afflictions and bacteria can invade!

The key to combating your cat’s excessive sneezing, whether it is a sign of FIV or merely an upper respiratory congestion, is to boost your beloved pet’s immune system immediately to fight bacteria and disease.

Wild cats eat leaves and herbs when they begin to feel a negative change in their body’s many internal systems.

They know the answer lies in natural minerals. Your cat is no different. Natural, herbal, homeopathic remedies to combat upper respiratory issues like chronic sneezing, coughing and weepy eyes provide an overall immune boost. This boost in their immunity system improves overall resistance to all afflictions and ailments!

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Did you know that 2% to 3% of all healthy cats have FIV? It is laying in wait for your pet’s immune system to weaken. Then it allows some affliction to strike.

The upside is that every cat that is diagnosed with FIV early usually lives a full healthy life through the application of regular treatment. And if your cat’s sneezing is simply a minor upper respiratory infection, this same natural homeopathic cure will alleviate his sneezing also.

Provide your pet with an overall immune system boost, ward off FIV, and stop her cold and flu like symptoms with a safe, fast-acting, natural cure. Then you will never have to say, “My cat keeps sneezing. How serious is it?”

Did you know a natural homeopathic pet cure can treat your feline sneezing and FIV issues in as little as one week with no shots and no vets? You love your pet and want only the safest, all-natural cures when you are asking, ”   My cat keeps sneezing! Is it FIV?”

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