Feline Asthma or Cat Hairballs?

Feline Asthma or Is it just hairballs?

I noticed one winter that my old cat Eek! (also known as Tubby or that “damn Polar Bear”) was suffering more from hairballs than usual. I tried all the remedies that had worked in the past, but hs was still coughing and hacking and it was getting worst…

Until I saw this video below on feline asthma….


Who knew cats could get asthma?

Well, I noticed that when I had the heat pump going full blast (due to the unusually cold snaps we had this year), the coughing would increase.

So I turned down the temp on the heat pump and brought a small electric heater for the living room, where the Tub-bo now seems to prefer.  I also changed out the filters on the air-handler for the furnace.

Yep! That was it the cat was allergy to whatever dust, dander (both his and mine) were being recycled through the air!

Now, this seems to have worked for me and Eek! for right now, but as he gets older, I figure I will eventually have to talk to our vet about something like the AeroKat (Trudell Medical International – who creates inhalers for children, too.)

The AeroKat Feline Aerosol Chamber for Cats has to used with what steroid medication your vet recommends.

But before it gets to severe I think I might prefer to try out Pet Alive’s AmazaPet Pills for Healthy Breathing in Pets

According to their page on Amazon, “PetAlive AmazaPet is a 100% natural blend of herbal and homeopathic ingredients specially selected for the treatment of asthma in pets.

PetAlive AmazaPet reduces the frequency and severity of pet asthma attacks; improves respiratory functioning; reduces allergic reactions in pets; reduces respiratory problems and asthma linked to stress and anxiety and relaxes bronchioles and prevents broncho-spasm in pets.”

The only two drawbacks that people have reported is that either the cat’s condition is so bad that only a vet can help or that the animal was allergic to corn (cornstrach is used as an “inactive” ingredient in the pills.)

And naturally is your animal has been experiencing asthma-like symptoms for several hours or the episode of shortness of breath is RAPIDLY worsening, please take your furry friend to the vet ASAP.




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