Natural Cat Food – Things You Should Know

By Madeleine Innocent

All natural cat food, in essence, can only refer to the diet cats evolved on. This concept is essential to grasp, because it is the only way to ensure your cat remains healthy. Nothing that is man-made comes even close to the bounties of nature, despite exaggerated claims and pretty pictures.

If you understand that cats have evolved over many millions of years. Whereas man-made cat food has only been around for several decades. The logical conclusion is to recognize that the diet of a wild cat must be the healthiest choice for your domestic cat.

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And it is. Holistic veterinarians around the world have discovered that when the owners of domestic cats can be persuaded to feed their cat a quality raw meat and bones diet, chronic disease just melts away. With no other form of treatment. Really serious chronic disease such as infertility, diabetes and feline leukemia.

The pretty packets of commercial cat food entice you to believe exaggerated claims by leading you to make conclusions from empty words. ‘Scientifically proved’ doesn’t actually mean anything. What does ‘complete’ mean?

But they leave you feeling secure that the manufacturers are taking care of all your concerns.

Don’t be misled. The manufacturers are taking very good care of their profit margin, but most don’t care too hoots for the health of your cat.

The only way that you can be absolutely sure your cat is getting a healthy diet is to learn a few basic essentials and make it yourself from scratch.

This can sound alarmingly expensive and time consuming. In fact it is neither. Quality all natural cat food may be more expensive pound for pound, but as the quality of the food is more nutritious, less is needed. Add to that the much improved health of your cat, and think of all the health care costs you save over the life of your cat.

Learning to make your own cat food will be more time consuming until you have grasped the idea. It’s always our heads that needs the time to make changes. However, once you have done it a few times, you just keep repeating the same process.



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