Removing Cat Urine Smell From Your Home

By Bernadette Guadiz

Removing cat urine smell can be a nightmare especially when your cat doesn’t use the litter box to do its business.

It’s really embarrassing to have your home smelling like ammonia especially when you have some important guests coming over.

Some people opted to get rid of their cats because they couldn’t keep up with the cleaning of urine all over their homes.

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Oops! Before throwing the kitty out, know that it is not at fault for peeing all over the place. Maybe your cat has a medical condition or perhaps it has a behavioral problem.

You should consult with a veterinarian for an overall cat medical checkup. Through this, you will know whether your cat has an existing medical condition that hinders it to control its pee or you just need to train your cat behaviorally by giving it some treats whenever it uses the litter box.

The next thing you need to know is how to get rid of urine smell. Before attempting to clean your cat’s urine, first you must know its three main compositions – urea, urochrome, and uric acid.

Urea is the sticky component of the urine and this is very visible when it dries out. Urochrome is the yellow pigment of the urine that can be easily traced by using an ultraviolet light. Both of these urine compositions can be easily removed by some of the ordinary cleaners we use at home.

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The third composition in a cat’s urine called uric acid is the most troublesome among the three. This is factor that gives off the pungent unruly smell of urine.

Okay, so you found some ordinary household cleaners that can remove the smell but after a few hours, there’s that smell again. Well, uric acid is composed of non-soluble salt crystals that can be reactivated with any moisture – even moisture in the air can reactivate these salt crystals and give off the foul smell.

There are some specially formulated products for pet urine smell and stain removal sold in the market but some of them don’t work efficiently especially if you’re concerned with removing cat urine from carpet.

The household cleaners don’t work and even the old school vinegar and baking soda cleaning agents won’t do the job. Well, there are some real user reviews about products that effectively remove cat urine smells and stains but they cost a bit. If you’re willing to try them out, you can but you will need to prepare your budget.

Reading some books about natural home remedies in []removing cat urine smell will save you a few bucks because you will learn how to make concoctions that are tried, tested, and proven for the job of removing cat’s urine smell. Whatever you do, you should know that your enemy is the non-soluble uric acid salt crystals and not your cat.

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