Is My Cat Healthy?

Signs of a Healthy Cat

Signs of a Healthy Cat

A healthy cat is a very alert and active critter. They are the proverbial “bright-eyed and bushy tailed” with their tails standing straight up when happy and glad to see you.

Cats are naturally playful, curious and watchful. They wake in the mornings ready to go and want you to get up and go with them! They can spend hours messing around with their toys, chasing under and over furniture or scampering up high to view their world from their favorite perch.

Signs of a Healthy Cat

  • A cat in good health will have bright, clear eyes, no noticeable bad breath (unless you feed them strong-flavored dishes like fish), a sleek well muscled body (not fat or scrawny looking) with a clean, bright coat.
  • A healthy cat will spend 2-3 hours a day licking and grooming itself.
  1. A healthy cat has a good appetite which increases with the smell or sound of food preparation by their human partners. “Dancing for their suppers” (standing on rear legs; forelegs pawing in the air) is a common sign of a well fed, happy animal.

Head-butts and leg strophes are also a indication of an active and alert animal. If your cat is no longer displaying all the signs of a truly healthy animal, then glance over the list of common ailments in the sidebar and learn what you can do for your pet.



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