How to Care for Ear Mites in Cats

Treating Cat Ear Mites

treating cat ear mites

By guest poster Dave Gurke

Knowing exactly how to go about treating cat mites is vital for the health of your cat. The mites themselves are a big problem on their own, but the real danger is of the cat scratching itself in an attempt to relieve the itching.

This can result in a number of deep wounds, as the itching becomes much more relentless. This article aims to give you some in depth information about the mites and how you can effectively remove them from your pet.

Other than the concern for your cat’s health, there are also serious health implications for humans living alongside suffering animals. Mites can only thrive when given a host to feed off, but this also means that they can travel from one host to another. This means that you and other people or animals in your household are vulnerable to catching the mites and suffering from similar problems to your cat.

The most common mites that can cause problems to both cats and humans are ear mites.

They are commonly found in the ear canal and can cause bleeding in your cat from their bites, but also due to scratching. When your cat suffers from these types of mites, the best solution is to have a look around your pet store for some wax removal ear drops. This is because the mites thrive off the wax, so by flushing out the wax, you can also remove the problem of the mites simultaneously.

Another parasite that has a much more visible impact on your cat is the burrowing mite, which eats away at the surface of the skin. This can lead to severe hair loss in your cat and requires treatment immediately. The best way of treating cat mites that cause hair loss is naturally by bathing your cat in an homeopathic pet shampoo.

Naturally, in a more severe case, you’ll be better off going straight to the vet to get the best possible prescription rather than picking something up at the store.

As soon as you start seeing signs of irritation on your cat, you should definitely give your vet a call and ask for an over-the-counter product such as a pet anti-fungal or a anti-parasitic cream to quickly eradicate the mites.

Treating cat mites as soon as they become apparent is the best way to get them before matters are made worse. However, if your cat has already gone from bad to worse and has spread the problem to another animal or even human, you need to visit your vet urgently.

The consequences of a mite colony flourishing on your cat could be lethal in the long run, so keep an eye out and monitor your cat’s progress. The sooner you catch those nasty mites, the sooner you can begin treating them and curing your cat!

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