cat ailments and symptomsCommon Cat Ailments and Symptoms

Finally, Some Practical Advice on What to Do Until You Can Get Your Cat to a Vet

Here at MySickCat.com, we take pride in educating fellow cat owners on the common cat ailments and other problems of feline health care and how to treat common cat ailments at home, until  you can get your furry buddy looked at professionally.

Living with animals, especially cats can be great fun but with pet ownership comes the responsibility of properly caring for your animal.

This duty is never more greater than when your feline friend takes sick or becomes ill. Taking proper care of your cat is important not only to your animal but also to your own emotional well-being!

This site will attempt to show you some simple yet effective ways to care for your beloved kitty at home, until you can get them into your vet’s office.

Here are Some of the Most Common Cat Ailments and Symptoms…

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