Cat First Aid Supplies

Care for your Cat in an Emergency

During times of natural disasters or emergencies, often our furry friends can get hurt or badly injured with vet care miles or hours away.  This is why you should think about creating a cat emergency kit.


Cat Emergency Preparedness Kit

A good cat care kit should contain:

Pet Safety Information flyer – click here to download and print one from the American Red Cross

Copy of all pet medical/feeding records and medicines along with name and number of your vet in watertight containers

A cat-friendly first aid kit

A sturdy cat carrier(s) to move your pet(s )to safety and to make sure your animals can’t escape.

A current photo in case you are separated from your pet or it becomes lost

Several days worth of food (cans preferred), drinking water, feeding bowls and a CAN OPENER!

Blankets or heated cat throws (if there is power where you are staying)

Bring your pet’s favorite bed or toys (if they are light and easy to carry by hand), especially if you staying with friends. But if worst comes to worst, I found the Petego Pet Tube Kennel – which would do in a pinch to shelter your animal if where you are staying doesn’t allow pets;  pet boarding is not available or you have to travel long distance to get to safety.

A cat-friendly reflective collar with pet’s name and your name and address or cell phone number.

Litter box and litter or poop bags (old plastic grocery bags will work). But I found these disposable cat litter boxes – they would be great in the right situations.

A plastic carry-all tub or box with handles to storage your pet emergency kit and move it from home to car to shelter or pet boarding service.

Also the ASPCA recommends using a rescue sticker alert, click here to get a “Pet Safety Pack” with a rescue sticker.

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