Catherine-Acacia_110642Who I Am

Like you I’ve sat up all night — terrified watching over a sick cat, unsure as to what to do. So both me and my best animal friend suffered in silence.

As a cat owner for many years, after my first kitten was the sole survivor of an hawk attack, I had to became a “home cat care” expert by accident.

Often times I have had to care for my beloved furry friends without the advice of professionals due lack of money or long waits for the next available appointment.

So I was forced to reply on the home remedies and treatments that I gathered from frantic phone calls to friends and family along with research from pet-owner-friendly websites.

Over time, I started sharing these ideas with others. This blog is just an extension of that sharing.

MySickCat.com is run by a cat lover who has tried to create an online guide of what you can do to until you can get your cat to a vet. It is commonsense help and advice on how to help a sick or hurt cat using home remedies.

How this Blog Can Help

I have explored the Web and many old fashioned “databases” known as “books” to find the best and most common-sense advice I could, to help you care for pet until you can get professional veterinary care.
I am NOT a vet, and so I’m not trained animal health-care professional, but I promise to never tell you anything that would put your pet’s life in danger.

Instead I hope to act as a small light in the dark, assisting you in taking proper care of your animal family member until you can get to a vet’s  office.

Catherine Acacia~Just a Cat Lover from MySickCat.com